CocoaModa Chocolates Opens in Calvert

I love it when really stylish places open in unexpected small towns in Texas. Such is the case with CocoaModa, a restaurant and chocolate factory which just opened in November in Calvert. (Calvert is two hours south of Dallas, about halfway to Houston, if you take I35.)

The chocolate factory in back of CocoaModa, where truffles and such are made. 

The restaurant has a gourmet menu, I've been told. I'd love to see the menu, and I'll post it if I get one.

The newly restored 1912 bank building on Main St., in Calvert, which houses CocoaModa. 

England-born, Swiss-trained chef-owner Ken Wilkinson does the cooking and the chocolate making at CocoaModa. He also oversaw the renovations, being the son of carpenters back in England. Wilkinson moved to Houston sometime in the late 80s -- his wife is in the oil and gas business. With oil around $38 a barrel, truffles sound like a good investment.