3D Architecture, Play the Game

This fascinating Business Week story talks about how Dallas-based HKS architects have licensed a video game engine to allow clients to experience (in 3D real time) massive projects such as the W Hotel Dallas (Top photo) and the new Dallas Cowboys stadium, which the owners are moving into this week. Some of the 3D video can be viewed here.

I'm wondering where this technology usage will lead with architecture and gaming. Maybe your Avatar can live in the Azure or the Joule, even if you can't. Think of the possibilities -- your Avatar can hire an Avatar of Jan Showers to design your penthouse. Or, your Avatar could shop the Dallas Design District without a tax ID or a license! Just walk into Allan Knight's showroom and buy something, without recrimination. (I'm just having fun here, guys. That's what Avatars are all about -- they get to do things that most of us can't in the real world.)