CocoaModa Menu and More!

More gorgeous photos arrived today on Chef Ken Wilkinson's new restaurant and chocolate factory, CocoaModa. Thought you might want to feast on them. These were all shot by Houston photographer Jack Thompson. Be sure not to miss the restaurant menu and list of truffle flavors at the bottom of the post.

Fresh orange rind for candies

Chef Wilkinson grinding the cocoa beans

Fresh mint used in the dark chocolate and mint truffles

Nut covered chocolate truffles

Chef Wilkinson prefers copper mixing bowls for making candies and truffles.

Very pretty.

Cocoa beans are beautiful.

You didn't think authentic Swiss truffles were made without lots of butter, did you?


Blackberry truffles.

CocoaModa's Restaurant Menu, truffles and candies (Click on the menu to make it bigger.)

(Click on the image to make it bigger)