DanielleShelley's "Earth Measure Blues"

Six female artists in Santa Fe banded together together in 2011 to form a collective known as the Lady Minimalists

Showing mainly in galleries and spaces throughout New Mexico, the artists are coming to Dallas for the first time as a group, with a show at SminkWorking in "an intentionally pared-down process, using simplified materials and purposeful use of structure," says co-owner Jennifer Smink, the artists are a product of their time and place, "like Agnes Martin and Florence Pierce before them, their work is derived from the open vistas, the clear light, and the silence of this region." Smink, known for its minimal design style and high-end contemporary Italian furniture, has been bringing works by serious artists into their showroom for the past several years. Building the Image opens Saturday, April 4 with a reception for the artists from 5-8 pm. 

Jill Christian's "Lux" (oil panel, 43"x43", $3,200)

JaniceWall's "Industrial-S3" (layered paper mono print, $1,250)

DaraMark' "AfterWayne#1" (watercolor on Yupo paper, 41"x41", $7,000)

Signe Stuart's Wave Score (acrylic on sewn canvas, 60"x80", $22,000)

Shaun Gilmore's "Hand and Name" (acrylic, archival ink on vellum, 36"x24",  $2,800)