We Raised $600 for Taste of the Nation!

A bunch of us got together for brunch on Sunday at Monica's Aca Y Alla to hear Veletta Lill, Dallas' new Arts District Coordinator, talk about the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

Veletta Lill. 

Each of us also brought $20 to donate to Taste of the Nation, which funds the North Texas Food Bank. It was an easy, fast way to raise cash to feed hungry children in Dallas.

Sam Lam, Sandi Bailey

In less than an hour's time, we'd raised $600, just by showing up!

Debbie Doyle, Mindy Vinton

Mike Martinez

Jenny Robbins

John Shore

In fact, the idea worked so well that our group, which we've officially dubbed the Brunch Bunch, is going to have bi-monthly brunches at some place yummy or fabulous -- or both. Each time we'll have a new speaker and a new charity.

I'm not allowed to say where the next one is yet until the details are finalized, but it's a fabulous new hotel and I'm so excited!

Christian Iles, Don Gaiser, David Call

J.D. Miller

Terri Provencal helped organize the Brunch Bunch, and was this year's event chair of Taste of the Nation. Thank you, Terri.

Will Kolb, Antonia Hubert

Will came up with the idea for the Brunch Bunch in the middle of the night several months ago when he couldn't sleep. "We all get tons of invitations each month to attend charity events that we can't all possibly attend. I thought this would be a good way for all of us to come together as a group and learn what each organization is about, and also make a donation." Will deserves accolades for making the whole thing happen, including getting Veletta Lill to speak and securing our brunch at Monica's.

Lan Pham

Jordan Roth and his mother Susan Roth

Jordan's cool new gallery, The 4th Wall, just opened last week. More on that in an upcoming post.

Dan Pritchett, pretty in pink

...and even more pretty pink on Robin Witcher and Daniele Cunningham

If you would like to become a member of this worthy bunch, let me know. I'll pull some strings.