Love This

This fun teenage girl's room in Preston Hollow was done by Laura Lee Clark 

Besides being two of my favorite color combinations, blue and citrus, it's got charm and sophistication. 

And these wallpaper pieces framed in acrylic function as both art and pegboards for photos. Jim Williamson at ID Collection just emailed me and says this wall paper is Designers Guild, which they carry.

One of the best trends to makes its way back from the 60s (or was it the 70s?) is the metal arc floor lamp. Not tired of them yet.

A citrus colored Mademoiselle chair by Philippe Starck. Lucky dog!

And, she gets her own fantastic Ironies hanging pendant (they're carried locally at Culp Associates  in case you were wondering)

These fabrics looked like Designers Guild to me, but Laura Lee says they're by another fabric house....either way, love the metallic polka dots. 

Jim also thinks the drapery material might be Designers Guild, too.

Putting a fuzzy flokati on top of this bench with its Lucite legs was not only whimsical but smart. When this teen is all grown up and setting up her own house, she can take it with her and recover it in some great fabric.  Every house needs a Lucite bench. (Allan Knight and Jan Showers did not pay me to say that.)

When you're a teenager you can pile up your bed with too many useless pillows and nobody can criticize you for it, because well, you're 16.

Love this pearlized faux leather headboard

This leather table top with its gilt embossing was done by Marci Racatune. Her work simply transforms a piece of plain furniture, does it not?  Jan Showers just emailed me to ask if this was her Plaza Desk.  It does look like it, doesn't it?

In the bath, a quilted, white leather chair seat. More clean white leather. She's a very tidy teenager.

Ironies carved mirror

Down the hall, in the kids' TV and rec room. I'm crazy for this tufted white patent leather ottoman. Laura Lee says the kids and their friends eat pizza on it all the time and it still looks brand new. What's that hole in the middle of the ottoman you ask? I don't know. 

These wonderful purple fabric balls make the room. Wait, no, the zebra rug makes the room.

This mirror was one of those really opulent gold things (got one of those?) that Laura Lee had lacquered white.  

Every room needs something zebra in it. Myrl Talkington did not pay me to say that.