The Miracle of Micro Money

Please join me and the rest of the wonderful blogging world as we donate $1 to re-stock America's food banks today. They're almost empty. 

Make your $1 donation now through the secure site for the non-profit Feeding America, which stock's many of the nation's food banks. 

April Food Day has spread across the blogging community with urgency -- we can make a huge difference with your micro donations today. 

To put things in perspective, $1 provides 7 seven meals or 10 pounds of food. $25 provides 75 meals!

This grassroots effort was organized by Easy & Elegant Life  and Pigtown Design, so check them out and put them on your regular reading list. Ex-pat Ronda Carmen's All the Best brought it to my attention today.

 The food bank effort was inspired by a story on the food bank crisis on, read it here.