Vicki Crew's Venetian Glass Collection

Yesterday I paid a visit to interior designer Vicki Crew's Italian villa in Highland Park. I fell in love with her Venetian glass collection, and thought you might like to see some of it. Vicki travels often to Venice, which is where most of her pieces came from. These stems are part of a larger collection she's amassed of antique goblets in about 4 or 5 styles.

I love the mysteriousness of these deep amethyst goblets.

Years ago Vicki commissioned some spectacular overscaled pieces for four niches in her dining room. Hand blown by glass artisans in Venice, they're are about two feet tall each. These were based on smaller pieces she'd admired during an earlier trip to Venice.

Wouldn't you love to see her dining table set with all her Venetian glass? (If you click on the photo you'll be able to really see details.) Editor's Note: The small table and the candelabras under the niches don't belong there. Vicki was moving things around and I snapped this shot.

Sorry Vicki! I took this shot before Vicki could move the little table underneath the niche. But you still get the idea.