David Feld Turns 50

[Letter press birthday card from Stella Dallas, $4.95]

In a few days, it'll be irrepressible decorating editor David Feld's 50th birthday. David moved to the beautiful boondocks out in Sharon, Connecticut a year ago where he writes, gardens, cans fruit, and generally lives like a country gentleman. In the winter, he battles the snow, ice, downed power lines and slow Internet connections, so I have to presume this is why he hasn't emailed much, or kept up his blog, which was the only way most of us back in Dallas could keep up with him.

(David, you're card's in the mail.) 

This one, beautifully printed on an antique letterpress, reminded me of him, as he was the one who taught me the difference between a lounge chair and a Louis some 11 years ago.