Jim Williamson's Favorite Book

I love design books, as you can tell from my posts (and the new "widget" I just installed at top left of my blog, a slideshow of some of my favorites, sold through Amazon. It's so much fun!).

I'm asking showroom owners and designers in Dallas to tell me about their favorite books. Here's what I D Collection's creative director and partner, Jim Williamson had to say:

'I would dare to guess that most people don't even read the text in design books, but I read all mine from cover to cover. Design is more than making a room pretty, it is also about the nuts and bolts that go into making a room beautiful, functional, and livable. You also get a glimpse at what inspired the designer to create a particular look for a room, or why they choose a particular color.

My new old favorite ( it came out last year ) is Nina Campbell's Elements of Design. Even though my personal taste, at the moment, tends to run more contemporary, Nina gives sound advise on design and design solutions. She is also able to update her own style to a more modern traditional look without losing that sense of style that has made her famous. I also personally like Nina. She has a wicked sense of humor and is lighting fast with her retorts."

Tomorrow....Allan Knight.