Domino: Your Guide to a Stylish Home

Image, courtesy Melcher Media 
Design Basics, revisited      editor Jessica Romm Perez's new book, Domino: Your Guide to a Sylish Home ($35 from Melcher Media) is already a classic compendium that I find myself reaching for over and over. I'm delighted by how supremely useful it is — even the most jaded design junkie looking for the next fix has to admit there's nothing as satisfying as perfectly styled rooms that illustrate important design basics — like how to create a chic gallery wall of pictures that's more MoMA than mishmash — and it's surprisingly easy to do. There are chapters on seating, flooring, lighting, finding your own style, color, plants and flowers, and entertaining. The book pulls the best and most current ideas together into one volume with freshness, flair and fun. Here are some pages, courtesy of Melcher Media, from the book:

Jessica Romm Perez