Heatherwick Studio at the Nasher

UK Pavillion, Shanghai World Expo

What if . . . In a way, Thomas Heatherwick is the Diana Vreeland of architecture—while the former editor of Vogue urged us to think out of the box by asking "Why don't you . . ." followed by something unexpected, whimsical and often outrageous—Heatherwick asks, "What if . . ." before a commission, filling in the blanks with inventive, boy-genius solutions that are as beautiful as they are astonishing in their creativity and use of materials. 

The models for London-based Heatherwick Studios' most inspiring works—along with photographs and videos of the resulting constructions—are on display at the Nasher Sculpture Center in a show called Provocations: The Architecture and Design of Heatherwick Studio. You'll be inspired by how Heatherwick's mind works (the links under each photo will take you to detailed descriptions).

Rolling Bridge, Grand Union canal at Paddington Basin, London

Pedestrian garden bridge across the Thames

40-story hotel in Hong Kong

Al Fayah park, Abu Dhabi

Redesign of the iconic London bus uses 40% less fuel
Spun chair

Thomas Heatherwick