Trove Wallpapers at Holly Hunt

Trove's Rinceau was inspired by Baroque architectural moldings .
A bare, naked wall is a baaad idea . . . especially when there's such clever new papers to wrap them up in. Trove wall coverings—which at first glance seem quite classical—are actually the result of high tech engineering and old fashioned artistic talent. Produced by husband-and-wife team of Randall Buck, who specializes in multi-media, and Lee Levin, a fine arts painter and still life photographer, Trove's concepts draw influences from architecture, film, art history, travel and nature. Using unexpected scale, unconventional colors—and a dash of poetic license—their wallpapers make the entire wall a work of art. In many of her newest designs, Levin replaces the standard graphic wallpaper repeat with organic imagery that incorporates depth and perspective. Buck's approach is architectural and technological at once—employing a variety of media and materials that challenge conventional manufacturing methods. All of Trove's wall coverings are sustainable, and meet the criteria and regulations for commercial use.

Priced upon request at Holly Hunt.

Randall Buck, Lee Levin
Grotte by Trove was inspired by European cave paintings, merging a primitive painting technique from the Paleo period with graffiti. In lieu of blowing powdered pigment through a tube—as would have been done by cave painters at Lascaux and Chauvet—Trove's designers blew powdered sugar.
Suichuka by Trove. Suichukas are artificial flowers that bloom when immersed in water. Multi-media artist Randall Buck applied use of motion to compose an underwater scene of blooming flowers. 
Koi fish—the symbol for good luck in Japan—swim amongst the suichukas.
Trove's Allee is reflective of  a dreamscape inspired by Alain Resnais'
1961 film, "Last Year at Marienbad," which is set in a formal garden.