E.G. Hamilton Modern Masterpiece!

Photo by Blake Marvin
Architecture that endures . . . Earl Grady Hamilton recently received the AIA Dallas' lifetime achievement award for an outstanding body of work spanning his 70-year career. In 1943 when Hamilton graduated from architecture school, modern architecture was just beginning to be embraced in the United States. He worked for some of the top architects in the country, including in NYC with Minoru Yamasaki, the designer of the World Trade Center Towers and the great modernist architect Arch Swank in Dallas. Out on his own, Hamilton designed elegant modern homes and in 1963, North Park Mall (now known as NorthPark Center). He's received a slew of awards and honors, and now as he approaches 94 years old, he appears to be as enduring as his designs.

You can view the Hamilton-designed home this weekend at the 2014 White Rock Home Tour, which runs from April 26-27, 12pm-5pm. Go Here to read more about it and to buy tickets

Photo by James Wilson

Located in the Peninsula neighborhood of White Rock, this was the first Modern-Shed, prefabricated  home in Texas, and it should dispel any notion you have that prefab is bad. If you are thinking about building an energy efficient house, this one will be full of ideas—it uses soy-based energy efficient insulation, stained concrete floors and the extensive LED lighting system that is dazzling at night. You can view this home at the 2014 White Rock Home Tour, which runs from April 26-27, 12pm-5pm. Go Here to read more about it and to buy tickets