Profile: Ellie Visconti, Creative Director at Pettigrew

Ellie Visconti, creative director at Pettigrew

Island Girl . . . Jamaica-born Ellie Visconti's father was in the tourism business, and for much of her life the family bounced from one exotic location to another—but Visconti has always called Jamaica home. In 2010 she joined the Pettigrew team in Dallas becoming its creative director, bringing with her a free spirited, romantic sensibility transported from Jamaica's turquoise waters, stunning inland Blue Mountain waterfalls and eclectic British colonial architecture. 

Visconti's new collection for Pettigrew—appropriately called Jamaica—blends favorites inherited from her island roots, from rich colors to woven textiles to handmade products and antiques. Here's a taste of what you'll see in the showroom:

Love and Pray ottoman, designed by Ellie Visconti
Montego cabinet, designed by Ellie Visconti

Hand carved chair, designed by Ellie Visconti

Brass and marble chandelier, designed by Ellie Visconti

Wheat table, designed by Ellie Visconti

Antique tribal pipes