Showroom News

Tag Sale at Allan Knight
 Get it while you can . . . Allan Knight's highly-anticipated Tag Sale happens only once a year and it's open to the public. You'll have a chance to shop today and tomorrow, then that's it. Cearan Henley tells me everything is "at or below cost" and he provided the photos above from the cache of glamorous new and antique pieces for sale. Click on the Tag Sale link to view what's available and the prices! 

Cowden Bell's boxes at ID Collection

Everyone always told ID Collection co-owner Jim Williamson that he should have his own blog, and he finally listened. Irascible and witty, Jim has a way with words. He launched his new blog last week, aptly named Style Bastard. Here's a snipped from a new post he wrote on Weatherford artist Cowden Bell's gorgeous boxes, such as the undyed shagreen box with carved bone dragon fly, above: "Besides being lovely to look at and lovely to hold, they are also useful for storing things. And we all have things we need to store. Don't act like you don't. We have seen your place and judged you when you left the room." 

Circa 1960 Gucci tray, courtesy Jan's Notebook

Jan Showers did a riff on Gucci's 1960s era accessories in her recent Jan's Notebook that I loved. The Sixties, as seen through the eyes of Gucci, was decadent and glamorous and a little notorious at the same time. Jan alludes to the fact that she might actually have some of these rare Gucci accessories, so it's worth a trip to the showroom to find out, I think. 

Floor sample sale at Baker!
While digging around on the Baker Furniture website yesterday, I came across a little-known link that rocked my world. It's Baker's Odds and Ends, a link to all the floor samples on sale at every Baker showroom across the country. It's open to the public. There were hundreds of pieces, and yes, they included some of the top Baker designers like Bill Sofield, Thomas Pheasant, Tony Duquette, Stately Homes, Barbara Barry, etc. The photos above represent some of the actual pieces for sale from the site (these are not the actual pieces, but product shots that I pulled from elsewhere). The site is updated constantly, and I saw some  incredible bargains—most were marked 75% off list, with designers getting even more discounts. The prices are there, the dimensions, and they document all of the dents and dings carefully. It's really a lot of fun to peruse.