Amazing Bodron + Fruit Designed Home on Tour

Limestone, copper, mahogany, steel, and glass make up 
this house designed by Bodron + Fruit

Tour de Force . . . Here's your chance to step inside one of the best examples of new construction in Texas, designed by Svend Fruit of Bodron + Fruit. It's a bit of a mystery. Secluded on wooded acreage in the Bluffview neighborhood of Dallas, the owners are highly private. No one will say who they are, and as far as I know, this is the only photograph of the house ever taken. (Here's a hint: they have a dedicated library with an extensive book collection). 

On May 15 you'll get a chance to tour the house as a part of the Dallas Architecture Forum's 365 Modern Living Home Reception Series. Fruit and his design partner Mil Bodron, who worked on the interior design with Cindy Hughes of Collections Rare, Inc., will give a brief talk.

$75 per person, including tour and a cocktail reception. 6-8 pm. Go here to purchase tickets.

Svend Fruit