The Zen of Svend, the Bodaciousness of Bodron

I've been waiting for this one for eight years...Dallas-based Mil Bodron and Svend Fruit's masterful renovation of Philip Johnson's 1964 house for Henry and Patricia Beck just made its debut in the NY Times magazine. Go here for the story. Jump in here to read a fun interview I had with Svend last month about what might ultimately save classic mid-century modern architecture in Dallas.

About eight years ago I went to a really glamorous party in this house, right after Bodron + Fruit had been hired to renovate it, so it was still in its spectacularly shabby state with peeling wallpaper and rundown grounds. Even then, the house was probably one of the most architecturally important, if forgotten, houses in America. Now, after the renovation, it's worthy of a book.

I like Bodron's quote in the Times, about the minimalist design for the house, "consistent with Bodron’s philosophy of using 'the most beautiful nothing we can find'.”