Two Reasons to Go Shopping in Dallas This Week

One of the world's lovliest on sale at Jan Showers this week through Friday (Feb 2-5), at her sample sale for 35-75 percent off. Go here for details.

This chair is on sale, too. It's just delightful. I think this is a chair you might find in Jane Austen's Emma. Remember when Mr. Knightly suddenly announces he's going away to London, leaving Emma and her father in their pretty drawing room? Emma stares sadly at the chair where he used to sit and remarks that she's never noticed the tired upholstery before. Now that he's gone, it must be recovered right away. It was a wonderful metaphor for covering up pain. This is what I imagine she must have covered the chair in. Raspberry ribbons!

Yesterday, Lisa Luby Ryan sent over a wonderful orange fabric box tied with a gunmetal gray satin ribbon!

Inside was a small black and white abstract by Maryland artist Judy Hintz Cox, part of Lisa's new collection of contemporary art -- I think it's a sophisticated contrast with the store's pale-hued, casual antiques and vintage pieces.

Here's the invite. I'm sure she'd love it if you came.