A Fab Christmas For Your Pet

Swank Lighting owners Ed Sexton and Doug Taylor designed this modular 50s inspired pet bed that comes with its own dish and color coordinated Murano glass lamp. Current bid: $1,750
What you need to know: Paws Cause 2010 custom designed pet beds are up for auction and on display in the windows at Highland Park Village (in the former Harold's location). Bids are made in increments of $50, with the proceeds going to benefit the SPCA's spay/neuter/wellness clinic in Dallas. You've got until January 24 to win one. To Bid: Call 214-577-9522
Step inside these delightful windows....
The windows were dressed by b. gover ltd.

This bed by b. gover can be personalized with your pet's name on the metal headboard. Current bid: $750
Neal Stewart and Jim Couch created a cozy animal print bed, displayed in a vintage Vuitton trunk (sold separately). Current bid: $350
Taylor Boyd of Adler Properties created a Rubik's Cube of fun. Current bid: $400
Todd Fisher and Cris Watts of Petropolitan created a pet bed inside a beautiful wine crate. The bedding can be removed (as shown) or put back and in and closed up for storage. Current bid: $150
Doris Hart and Keith Fleming of the Mews designed a bed from a shipping crate, similar to ones that come and go carrying antiques from their store. Current bid: $550
Naturally, the Perennials fabric on Ann Sutherland's pet bed are standout (and pet proof and washable!) Current bid $400
Greg Hooper and Susan Kilgore of Pawlocity created a bed with a gorgeous handmade "jungle sunset" mosaic tile headboard. Current bid: $700
Designer pet bed chairwoman Rhea Ann Chamness. If you have questions regarding the beds, contact Rhea Ann directly at 214-577-9522 or email her at rheachamness@aol.com