Too Cool For The Pool

Gary Jackson

This is Gary Jackson. Most of you know him as the style guru at Barney's in Dallas. I'm sure he has a proper title, but guru fits him just fine. He's also a furniture and interior designer on the side. On Sundays, he spends the afternoon at the very hip rooftop pool

at the hotel Joule in downtown Dallas. The pool furniture, etc. was all designed by Todd Fiscus. You can tell by the signature orange color. (I was having brunch at Charlie Palmer a few Sundays ago and took a peek at the pool. They were nice enough to let me in with my camera.)

I simply love how the tops of these buildings intersect with each other and the sky.

If you go to the hotel's website, you'll see how the pool, with its glass bottom, actually cantilevers over Main Street. Read more of what I've written about the architect of the Joule here.

Fiscus' event company also runs the bar at the pool (it serves light fare from Charlie Palmer's downstairs) and his mix of music is ultra hip, like you've stumbled into a night club.