The Genius Behind Style/Swoon: Samantha Reitmayer

If you haven't discovered Samantha Reitmayer's blog, Style/Swoon, you're in for a treat. I learned about the Dallas-based graphic designer last month, when her house was featured in Design*Sponge.

She didn't really like me taking her photo when I was at her office a few weeks ago. But I know fans of her blog would love to see what she looks like, so here goes -- she's adorable!

Naturally, I loved her letterpress cards, which she designed and Missing Q Press printed.

Samantha is one half of Rovillo + Reitmayer, an amazing boutique graphic design and branding firm. They've been around for 18 years (Sam has been a partner for about 10), and they've got an amazing list of clients. But before I get into that, I want to show you around her office....

Here's a chalkboard leaning against one wall with inspirational sayings, or whatever pops into her head. Samantha painted one wall in her kitchen at home with chalkboard paint, and this has inspired me to find a company who makes colored chalkboard paint! Apparently you can paint anything with it, furniture, even.

These two photos reflect the Grange Hall side of Samantha...look closely at the letter R --it's a broken, old florescent sign, with its wires poking out (click on the photo to enlarge it).

This porcelain hand is hanging on her wall. It's probably my favorite thing in her office.

These vintage chairs, reupholstered and repainted, are part of her burgeoning collection (she's got a toolshed full). Sam's into the graphic look of Kelly Wearstler, and the white, textural whimsy of Jonathan Adler. You can really see both of those influences in this one vignette.

Notice the rustic tree stump table.

Samantha tells me she's not big on color, but big on texture, such as this pebbled leather and shaggy pillow. The dusky lavender is pretty great.

Look at her desk! It's so tidy, with neat, modular piles. Are all graphic designers like this?

I could study her shelf for days, it's so cool.

Rovillo + Reitmayer's clients include the Dallas Cowboys. This is a brushed stainless steel invitation -- one of many invitations they designed leading up to the launch of the new Cowboys stadium. Unless you're on the VIP invitation list, this is the only place you'll get to see these incredible invites.

This invitation is made from mirrored Plexiglas.

Another client is the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, as you can see from this unusual silk screened stainless steel invitation.

Another Plexi invitation.

Rovillo + Reitmayer produce these beautifully designed mailers updating arts patrons on the progress of the new opera and theater houses, which will open in October.

Another cool thing happens in late October -- Samantha will announce a new online invitation company called social/Swoon. She'll be teaming up with graphic and fine artists here and in New York to design them, and may even do some letterpress invitations with MissingQ. I predict this will be a huge hit since there's nothing out there like it yet. Stay tuned....