New Store Alert: Antiques Moderne

Antiques Moderne just opened a few weeks ago on North Industrial Blvd, near the Dallas Design District. Owners John Bacile and Carey Sexton have been in the business for years and know their stuff. It's antiques, designer showroom pieces (such as Baker), estate and consignment pieces. The prices are great.

I stopped by last Thursday with Dana Card  who told me about it first. 

This Curtis Jere wall sculpture is one of several Dana and I saw in the store last week. 

This 1940s secretary is by Jules Leleu

These rosewood Thomasville nesting game tables are in fantastic condition. Somebody cool needs to buy them.

I know it's not popular to like real hides, but authentic ones, like this zebra, are so wonderful.

I got the backstory on this amazing taxidermy giraffe. A big game hunter bagged it and then couldn't afford the $8,000 tab to get it out of the taxidermy shop, so he left it there. That was 20 years ago. 

He's really quite poignant and beautiful. It makes me sad to think that someone shot him for sport, then just left him in the taxidermy shop. Still, what's done is done, and he needs a good home. I'd hate to see him end up in the Rainforest Cafe  out in Grapevine Mall.

This is a stunning optic textile, don't you think?

James Mont style chairs, part of a set of four or five pieces including a large dining room console. The pieces are spread out over the shop, so ask for them.

These lamps are like candy. Lollipops maybe.

I love this glamorous stone surfboard coffee table with its faux bamboo legs. If I had room for it, I'd take it home. [Click on the image to enlarge the details].

For a virtual tour of the store, go here.