Desk Storage for Blondes, Redheads

Last week I found this amazing file box at my local Office Depot for $19. I'm always amazed when I find something chic there. Don't even try to find it online, I looked and there are 398 results of boring stuff. Go to the store.

The top is made of some kind of croc embossed vinyl in a gorgeous caramel color. I'm always on the lookout for pretty boxes to store my ever growing mounds of files and papers in. (To see the texture better, click on the photo.)

I'm convinced that people choose home accessories (including dogs and cats) that go with their hair coloring. I'm a redhead, that's why I was attracted to this one instead of the red or black version, which were also for sale.  

Case in point: yesterday I saw a woman with a pouf of curly strawberry blonde hair waiting for the elevator in my building. She was walking an apricot color poodle. Turns out she has always had apricot poodles. When I asked her why, she said she just likes the color.

I like how the sturdy box top flips open.

Even better, I found these slim, zippered vinyl folders in the same color for stashing paperwork. They go straight into my purse from my desk.

I think they cost around $9. They also come in black and red. I admit to going through a dark phase in my younger years where everything I bought would have been black. I thought it looked more New York. Thank God I'm over that.

The zippered files fit inside the box, too, however the top doesn't close completely.