Peonies Like it's 1999!

Kroger Store No. 529  just got a truck load of gorgeous peonies in for $6.95 a bunch (about six stems, with three or four blooms to a stem). I bought almost all of their white ones, but there were still plenty of lovely pink and fuchsia bunches left. The centers of these look yellow in the photos but they're actually white -- not sure about the chemical reaction going on here.

Kroger Store No. 518 on Mockingbird always has a ton of great flowers, so check them, too.

They smell great, a lot like roses.

Spectacular stems like these have been going for $8-$10 each at Whole Foods and flower stores. Even All Occasion Florist, which is normally a bargain, said they'd have to charge me $10 a stem if I ordered them.