Partying With Gabriel Barbier-Mueller

This is the cool hallway leading to one of the residences inside the Azure, where Gabriel Barbier-Mueller threw a party recently. The way it's carved and lighted, it's a little like swimming underwater in a coral reef. This was intentional.
I took my camera and shot some photos before the sun went down, and before it got too crowded.
View from the 17th floor. The aqua blue glass 31 story high rise was designed by award winning Vancouver architect James Cheng.
With the economy the way it is and so many new buildings going up, the Azure is making some amazing deals on its luxury apartments including leases. 
Pitchers full of tequila and OJ, the drink of the evening. Can you imagine what that lavender-lighted hallway looks like after a few of these?
Gabriel Barbier-Mueller. I first met Gabriel when we were both 20-something and he hired me to manage a tiny international book and magazine shop he started just so that he could have books and magazines in French and German to read. That hasn't changed (International Press closed back in the 90s). You still can't find a place to buy good foreign language books and magazines. (Another thing that hasn't changed -- Gabriel's baby face. He still looks like he's in his 20s.)
It was the late 80s when we worked together, and Gabriel had just built the Rolex building downtown and renovated 1530 Main St., which is now The Joule. It was one of the first historic renovations of a major downtown building, and way before its time. 
Allison Hayden, Bo Parker (center) and Jeff Parker
Blair McWay
Gabriel and Ann Barbier-Mueller's beautiful daughter, Nina. When Ann was pregnant with Nina, she'd come by Gabriel's penthouse office at the top of 1530 Main to visit once or twice a week. She'd often stop on the way out at the bookstore on the first level and buy a handful Toblerone chocolates from me.
In the 80s, I think you could only buy Swiss made Toblerone from Kuby's Sausage House or Gabriel's International Press. That's how un-international we were.
Take a look at their name tags. Laura Mendenhall and her great Tory Burch apple red patent bag.
Julie Morris has been working for Gabriel since the very beginning, and is now CIO and Executive Vice President / Director of Acquisitions at Harwood International. Twenty years ago she was sweet and beautiful and smart, and she's still all those things, only with a much bigger title. 
Gerald Dunn (above right) and I had an interesting conversation about the economy, and he recommended reading Rolling Stone's story about AIG. Here it is
Azure's balconies are so chic.
...a view towards the west and overlooking American Airlines Center.
Elizabeth Madory (left) and Mynan Feldman
Laurence Henry left; Devin Rambie
Wade Andres; Lori Lamb; Michele Whiddon
The smashing lobby of the Azure doesn't feel particularly residential, although that may be the point. 
Limestone, glass and blonde Barcelona chairs -- the lobby pays homage to classic International Style design and architecture, which has always been a favorite of mine.
This spectacular primitive suit of armor in the lobby is from Gabriel's private collection. Check out the amazing Barbier-Mueller family museums  in Geneva.