Why Architects Are Cooler Than The Rest Of Us

.... because they office in hip buildings such as The Meadows, a 1955 masterpiece by architect J.N. MacCammon, that's now home to dozens of creative types, mostly architects who love the design.

I couldn't find much information online about the history of the building or the architect. If you find some, send it my way, I'll post it. Cosmic Cool has some great images, however.

Most of the original details of the building were preserved, such as the green striated marble.

What a great design using plain ol' pipes....

and streamline-era reception desk....

Old black and white images of the building back in the day....

Amazing flying saucer light fixtures.....

Retro vinyl furniture in the lobby.....

Bear with me as we head into the Annex, so I can show you one of the architect's offices inside.....

The lobby of the Annex has original striped green and white marble walls. I think it looks like a hat box from the 60s.

Okay, now we're inside the reception area of Buchanan Architecture. It might as well be the MOMA. Here's a table Russ Buchanan designed, on casters, as well as a bench and coffee table of his own design below.

The lighting is even moody.

This is architect Russell Buchanan's office. Check out the minimalist art on the walls, and the lean, tidy table.

Does your office look like an art installation? I didn't think so.

Here's Russ Buchanan.

View inside. How do architects do it? Keep everything looking so neat and white, I mean?

The Buchanan's dog is probably even cooler than yours. 

In fact, I'm sure of it. Unless yours, like Mamie, was featured in a story about dogs who go to work in architect's offices in Interior Design magazine recently. Here's the story.

Then there's Jason Franzen, who's working on all kinds of amazing things in his spare time, including several stylish game applications for Apple's iPhone. He's probably cooler than any of us.

Karen Buchanan and Mamie out for a walk and a smoke at the end of the day.