30 Tiny Chairs

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Designers and showrooms in Dallas are making more than 30 tiny chairs for sale at a luncheon next week, benefiting Dallas Casa. The chairs will be on display at the Cherish the Children luncheon hosted by Casa on Thursday, April 2 at 11 am. at the Old Red Courthouse downtown. Jocelyn Dabeau is the PR for the event, so email her for tickets at dabeauj@hotmail.com.

Want to see a darling little chair being made? Come on.

I visited William & Wesley Furniture on Wednesday, where a craftsman was busy making the patterns for a tiny chair designed by William Lawrence and Urban Interiors designers Vicki Crew and Susan Smith
Using this child's chair for scale

And this full-size chair for inspiration

Tiny patterns were made for the legs, arms, seat, and back. These patterns hanging on the wall are used when producing any of the bench-made chairs that William & Wesley creates. They look like sculpture on the wall, don't they?

Patterns for the small legs

...a pattern for the seat. Once the patterns are all cut, craftsmen carve and finish the pieces. For this chair, solid walnut was used. 

Then, the company's in-house upholstery shop covers them. For this tiny chair, 

they chose Christopher Hyland's flirty eyelash fabric in tangerine.

The finished product! I bet you know a child who'd love this little chair in her room.

Here's William looking pretty happy about how cute it turned out.