Young Interior Designer Lindsay White

Lindsay White has been a buyer for Rosewood Hotels & Resorts for eight years. In April, she's going out on her own and launching a small boutique interior design firm. Her website will be up and running after April, but meanwhile I thought you might like to see her adorable house. 

Lindsay, 31, took this Greenville Avenue area duplex, gutted it and turned it into a roomy, single family residence spacious enough for her, husband Taylor, and toddler Maddie.

I like her masculine design style. The house has strong bones, and the interiors feel appropriately substantial and earthy.

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Lindsay travels all over the world on buying trips for Rosewood. The house feels exotic with out looking overly ethnic.

Lindsay has this thing for angels, as you will see. This one, along with the others in her collection were carted back from buying trips, mostly from Mexico.

Her other obsession is birds.

More antique angels. "These things way a ton. They're solid plaster," Lindsay told me. "I couldn't wait for them to be shipped to Dallas so I had Taylor carry them for me. He said they were really heavy."

A corner in the living room.

I can see Robert Redford living here. Even with the angels.

This looks like a chair a man could love. 

Did I mention her other fetish? Crosses.

This small table has a cool Art Nouveau look to it. A tiny rocking chair lets the whole family hang out in this room.

Kind of Colonial. I like it.

Here's Lindsay serving me a killer cup of espresso.

Here's Lindsay making my killer espresso in her new Nespresso machine.

Lindsay brought back all these wonderful beaded textiles from Southeast Asia.

I think Lindsay has very much been influenced by her resort hotel experience. Her house feels like some place casual and vacation-y, don't you think?

I love this bathroom. Old peeling green shutters on the wall, and a fat, carved wood angel face. Lindsay says sometimes people get scared of the face in the mirror's reflection.

The stairs leading to Lindsay's office on the second floor. Lindsay bought several small rugs and had them sewn together by her carpet layer for this effect.

I love Lindsay's green, white and chocolate brown office!

Lindsay stores magazines and papers inside these chic boxes. I've seen some similar to these on See Jane Work.

How does she do it? Keep her desk clean, I mean.

More brown and white boxes. 

Okay, I'm obsessing. 

Lindsay's office is a former balcony, and here are the original French doors. Maddie got a play house for Christmas, and they set it up outside Lindsay's office near the landing so she she could work and Maddie can play. Smart.

The guest room is blue and white and a fantastic shade of terra cotta. The furniture belonged to Lindsay's grandmother, and was painted an ugly yellow which Lindsay painstakingly stripped by hand. 

I think this is Ralph Lauren bedding.

Maddie's room.

Looks like her mom's a decorator, doesn't it?

My favorite room in the house is the master bedroom. It's mysteriously beautiful. This screen from Big Mango (I bet you thought she brought it back from India) acts as a headboard and is open enough to allow light from the window behind it just glow.

Just beautiful.
You can't really tell the bed is in front of a window. The draperies on both sides create an alcove effect.

The master bath. An ultra sleek modern bath would have been too stark for this old house. 

A wonderful old chest from a shop works beautifully as a large double sink with storage for towels, etc.
Your tour of Lindsay's house is over, sorry. As soon as her website is up, I'll be sure to send it to you.