Cool New Modular Pendants!

Italian lighting manufacturer Foscarini has just come out with modular, customizable lighting pendants inspired by Murano chandeliers. Designed by Giulio Iacchetti, Tropico's modular system allows you to create hanging lamps in different shapes and sizes and is totally customizable, via these lightweight, flexible thermoplastic resin pieces, which snap onto a skeleton of rings which can be altered to a variety of shapes.

According to the press materials, "These rings, depending on their size and succession, form many shapes up to two meters (apx. 6 ½ feet) in diameter. Although totally customizable, Tropico will be offered in four standard shapes called Sphera (23 ¾” d x 22”h) , Vertical (11 5/6” d x 56 11/16” h) , Bell (29 ½” d x 25 9/16” h) and Ellipse (29 ½” d x 13 ¼” h) to demonstrate possible shapes."   

Apparently, a lot of study went into making them glow like lanterns. According to the press materials: Tropico is composed of a series of small faceted pieces that form a larger whole; like classic cut crystal, these pieces are capable of catching and throwing light and shadow in a magical fashion. “Part of my vision was to suggest a lamp that was inspired by traditional Murano glass chandeliers—a bridge-building object that would be strongly rooted in the contemporary world but which would evoke a common memory and thus, a connection with the past,” says Iacchetti.

Way cool. They're available at Scott + Cooner and Lights Fantastic.