Casual Friday

I found this gorgeous glass bottle ($15.95) that mimics a plastic Evian bottle at Crate & Barrel yesterday. What fun! I like keeping bottled water next to me while I work. With a plastic bottle, I'd just take a big swig. I tried it with this one, and it's a lot like drinking out of a vase. Plus, it clanked against my teeth. So, that necessitates a proper drinking glass to go with it. 


You can drink out of the smaller version, pictured here next to the big one. I tried it, and it doesn't feel all that weird. It's kind of refreshing, drinking from a glass bottle instead of a plastic one. I'm not sure which size is my favorite. It's $7.95, so definitely I can buy more of them. Would you set the table with them? I might....hmmmm.

Beautiful glass bottles made to look like disposable plastic ones are sort of like why I love those cashmere T-shirts from Banana Republic. Luxury, like you're not really trying.

They come with glass and silicone stoppers. If you break  a stopper, replace it with a plain cork, like these Murano glass bottles made by Bottega Veneta. I have coveted those pricey bottles for years, but frankly I think I like the Crate & Barrel versions better now. They seem to fit the times better.