My earlier post got Allan Knight's ire up. I love good debate over timely topics, and this is one that's important to many of you. Do you agree or disagree with Allan? Make your opinion heard.

Here's Allan's email to me:

Since you asked, I will tell you, we Do Not Intend to open our showroom to the public.  They do not understand how we work, and we are not set up to do the work of the Designer, who is trained in their profession, just as we are ours.  I think those who are trying to dip into both pots, dilute the industry, and short change the designer, but taking their clients, and stepping on the toes of those who make their business possible.  Also, the public does not have any idea how we operate.  I can spot most Retail people when they come in, and politely ask them to bring their designer in.
I also do not like the naming of this area as Lower Oak Lawn.  The developer is selling apartment leases, not aiding in the overall development of a design district.  It is short sighted to think that he has our interests at heart.  I think your enthusiasm is dead wrong here.  Also, Jim Lake company and a lot of other people are responsible for the Katy Trail as well.  This man is not the only game in town, and I resent somewhat his take on what has been a historic design district. 
Things do change, and maybe we will find ourselves elsewhere someday.  We will all have to see what goes from here I guess.
Allan Knight