Inauguration Day

Tuesday will be a typical work day for me, but I will be logged on to Sobel TV throughout the day -  to be a part of one of the greatest days in our nation's history. I'm so looking forward to the future. Tyler Cobb, designer

I will not be celebrating but traveling to NY to work on a historical rennovation in Greenwich, CT. Also attending the opening of the Winter Antique show while there. Richard Trimble, designer

We don't have a TV at the showroom, so anyone who wants to stay home to watch the inauguration can. I'll be watching it at home, and maybe we'll just have everyone come there. It's an historic moment and I don't want anyone to miss it. Jan Showers, designer, showroom owner.

I will be watching the inauguration all day with two exchange students.  Because they arrived in August, it's been a very instructive lesson for both girls on our always entertaining, always messy democratic republic.  One of the girls will be departing for home on the 25th, so it's befitting for her American adventure to end on this note.
I wish to confess some bad behavior on my part...  This past election cycle ignited a mean streak in me...some latent or perhaps dormant hostility toward the other side.  One of my neighbors was hosting a county strategy planning session for my sworn political enemy.  His lawn was a outward demonstration of free speech with no less than a dozen political placards mocking me as I drove by.  He called in October, asking for my coq au vin recipe.  I feigned a bout of disorganization, and claimed it was lost. (Anyone who knows me, knows I know this recipe by heart...I was delighted at the recent up-tick in French bistro culinary interests.  I believed myself simpatico with Julia...yet another WWJD.)  No way was I going to release my secret weapon for the the opposition.  I feel a bit guilty about this.  My daughter, exchange students, and husband where horrified by my behavior. 
To make amends, I am thinking, very seriously, of typing the recipe on a decorative card, laminated for my neighbor, but, then again...I guess I have 4 years to think about it. -- Amanda Tackett, writer