Breaking News: Amanda Tackett Finalist for Writer of the Year!

Amanda Tackett, who used to be "just a housewife" is a 2008 finalist for "Writer of the Year" for the Texas Katie Awards (sponsored by the Dallas Press Club).

I first learned about her when I read an article she wrote for D magazine about her Richardson home's bizarre roach infestation -- sounds icky, and is -- but will have you laughing hysterically all the way through. That was her first magazine piece.

Being a reasonably smart editor, I immediately snagged her as a monthly columnist for D Home while I was there. In her columns, she chronicled her efforts at renovating the house she'd dreamed about owning since she was 10 years old. They were funny, sad, revealing, and worthy of the honor she's just received. Here are the three columns she submitted:

Strip Tease
Hollywood Comeback
Cleanliness is Next to...Impossible

D Home canceled her column shortly after I left the company in June. Cleaning house, I guess.

Most magazines clamor to submit good writing to awards competitions, but D Home and D magazine declined to submit any of her work to the Katie Awards. Amanda had the chutzpa to submit her writing anyway on her own. When she was named a finalist recently for the columns she submitted, Jo Ann Holt, publicist for the Katies, said she couldn't get anyone from D Home to respond. What's up with that? Holt doggedly tracked Amanda down to let her know. She just found out today -- the awards are in a week.

No way to treat a really good writer.

But Amanda Tackett is destined to write books, and from what I can tell, she's got volumes' worth. Remember her name, you'll be reading a lot more of her.

Amanda, you go girl.