Wow! Porta Romana at Walter Lee Culp

Cammie at Walter Lee Culp showroom told me yesterday that they just picked up a line by the fabulous Porta Romana out of England. I think Culp is the first showroom to carry its line in the U.S. All handcrafted in their Porta Romana studios, these are some of their newest pieces. This hand blown glass wall sconce looks just like an icicle, doesn't it?

I love these big chunks of amethyst glass. This lamp comes in chocolate, olive, gold and other sumptuous colors.

This one is an almost edible confection of spun sugar

This one is my favorite because of its sophisticated, blue-gray coloring. It comes in other colors, too, which you can view on their site. Porta Romana's silk shades are famous for their special colors, and I read that you can now buy their silks by the meter!

Brancusi would have approved.

This duck feet lamp is completely silly and completely chic at the same time. How do they do it?