Allan Knight Sounds Off

AllanKnight took me to task about my blog yesterday on Z Gallerie's crystal galleon chandelier, which looks like a French one found in Nanette Lepore's living room. I love it when people talk back. I'm wondering what you think.

Well, it wasn’t just like it, and this is the kind of Knocking Off that I hate. These big box retailers take great product, and copy the idea, without license, then everyone sees the cheap version and think that the real one looks that bad. Very few people actually see the great original. I had the pleasure of meeting the French gal that made the one in the Lepore townhouse, and she is truly gifted. I guess imitation could be considered flattery, it has happened to us a lot, but somehow I never feel that way. I just feel cheated. But this is what Highpoint is all about, and Big Box retailing. Z Gallery is one of the worst offenders. Just an FYI as to how people who manufacture and create feel about the knock offs. -- Allan Knight