Profile: Bonnee Sharp

( Photo by Justin Clemons)

Bonnee Sharp designs geometrically graphic textiles in modern, minimal color palettes, such as oranges, greens, indigo, and browns. She's got about 400 designs in archives at the moment. Everything is made to order by a crew in a former knitting mill in South Dallas and done by hand, from the initial pattern sketches to the printing. A silk screener reproduces her patterns onto woven cotton or cotton canvas, fabrics she says feel modern and crisp. Sharp spent 2 1/2 years with Emily Summers learning the ropes of contemporary interior design -- she's also a talented painter and photographer (she shot all of the images on her website) who often uses the repetition found in nature as inspiration for her textile patterns. Her textiles fetch about $90 a yard. (Read more in Modern Luxury's September issue)

Who are your influences?

Sisters Susan and Katharine Hable. They're pacesetters for hand-printed fabrics. And Emily Summers, who reshaped my idea of interior beauty by introducing me to fresh, juxtapositions of texture, color and material.

Design tips?
Reupholster antiques -- it's both green and chic. French and mid-century pieces take particularly well to reinvention with a crisp, contemporary print. Wingbacks are also a good bet as they channel both traditional and modern with a simple change of clothes.

Upholster a wall instead of using wallpaper or paint. It has amazing soundproofing qualities and softens the room. Use the best paperhanger you can. Bobby Turner is top notch.

If you are going to spend money on furniture, multifunctional pieces are one way to get bang for your buck. I just finished a prototype for a large ottoman for my line. It's large enough to seat four people at a cocktail party and just the right size to act as a coffee table during the day.

What colors are you into now?
Rust red. My "London Bridge" pattern is offered in this hue. I'm also printing in white ink on neutral backgrounds. The combination feels natural and crisp. I offer it in patterns "Blossom and "Oompa" from the collection. I also love black ink on basketweave patterns, it's graphic and organic all at once -- look for it in "Rick Rack", "Knit", and "Popover".

Favorite local shops?
Again and Again on Henderson. I like the hunt, recreating something that was once fabulous and helping it find its way back into a modern space. Owner Leslie Pritchard has such a keen eye for the diamond in the rough. And LFT -- if I could, I'd buy some sleek Dune pieces, and Barney's. They have the most beautiful display furniture I've ever seen, and they're used to sell other products, imagine that! The small home section at Barney's is great -- lots of shagreen, silver, and leather and glass.