Philip Johnson

So maybe I've been under a rock since 1985, but I just learned that one of the great innovators of International Style architecture, Philip Johnson

the man who designed the famous Glass House....
And collaborated with Mies van der Rohe on the 1958 Seagram building....

Also designed this:
You'll recognize Dallas' Hotel Crescent Court, recently renamed the Rosewood Crescent Hotel. I've been here all my life and covered the Crescent in one form or another since it was built, but never heard this detail.

This whole topic came up because I'm writing an article about the newly redone penthouse inside the Crescent hotel. I only managed to stumble on the fact by reading a piece in Interior Design that mentioned it. According to the article, Johnson thought the Crescent looked like Texas regionalism. Go figure.

In 1986 the New York Times wrote about Johnson's architecture, describing the Crescent as "a marvelous confection of French Second Empire construction that is so strongly composed, and so pleasantly detailed, that one easily forgives its basic silliness."

I've always been perplexed by its design, although I love seeing it when I drive along Cedar Springs, don't you? It reminds me of Paris.